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Fixator™ System

The Fixator Shoulder Suppression System is designed to enhance the benefits of the Type-S™ system. The Fixator extends off the couchtop and includes adjustable padded positioners to gently...

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Posifix Headrest

Posifix Supine Headrests are made of low density polyethylene foam, in five colors. The red cushion positions the head with the neck straight to prevent anterior curving of the spinal cord in the treatment...

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Extended Wing Board

The Extended Wing Board is 22.5” (57cm) wide, constructed of durable, lightweight ABS and can be used with a T- or U-Grip handle. Its extended length allows for additional arm positioning flexibility...

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    Shoulder Retractor Wrist Loop

    A new cleanable nylon Wrist Loop is now available for the Shoulder Retractor. Two new part numbers are now available.

    12 August 2012

  • Updates Fiducial Markers & HipFix

    All HipFix Thermoplastics are now being sold in boxes of 5. This applies to certain part numbers only.

    8 March 2012

  • Discontinued Can't find a product?

    For easy checking and cross-reference please see this page for a list of obsoleted products and part numbers.

    19 April 2012

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Positioning Aids

A Vac-Lok cushion is an easy, affordable way to create a comfortable custom cradle for the head, neck and shoulders.